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We have returned from the International Shaken Baby Conference along with researchers, doctors, public health officials, psychologists etc. from Sept 28 thru Oct. 1, 2012.
Anything new that is pertinent to your needs will be incorporated into our existing SBS Course.

IN YOUR PAJAMAS AT HOME AT 2 O'Clock in the morning!

Major revision of our SIDS Online Course was completed in April 2012.
Our SIDS Course was just revised with MAJOR changes that you need to know right away!! Just as with our Shaken Baby Course, you can SIDS Certify in your pajamas at home at 2 O'clock in the morning if you like!

Revision of our Shaken Baby Online Course is planned after the above SBS Conference.
As stated above, we plan to incorporate the latest news from the International Shaken Baby Conference we will attend next week. Our Shaken Baby (SBS) Course now incorporates three (3) short, quality videos. You can view any one of them or all of them, if you like. Now, for those caregivers in Minnesota, meeting the state's training requirements has just become a "one-stop" affair. Being able to earn "In-Service" credit AND viewing the video has never been easier. The MN Dept. of Health's approved videos are built right into our SBS Course. So there's no more confusion about how to find the video and making more trips to library, hoping you'll find the video available when you get there. You can do it all in your pajamas at home at 2 O'clock in the morning if you like!
NOTE: If you only need to meet MN's "annual" video requirement, that's easy, too. You can view the video separate from the course if you already have earned the SBS Certificate.

Professional recognition of our Online Courses, SIDS and SHAKEN BABY
We are proud to announce that our SIDS and SHAKEN BABY (SBS) online courses have been recognized by the newly formed MNCPD, the Minnesota Center for Professional Development.

Our website's philosophy Magda Gerber's teaching is the philosophy on which this website is based. You will find her RIETM colleagues' tribute to Magda on the Magda Gerber Tribute page.

Submit Your Own Ideas For Classes
Submit your own ideas for course topics that you'd like to see on our Classroom Topics page. You can also see ideas that other Visitors have suggested.

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